TomGEM presenting at the 2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference

Maintaining crop production to feed a growing population during a period of climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face at the moment. Taking place from March 26-28, 2017 in Meliá Sitges (Spain), the 2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference addresses this issue focusing on the likely impact of climate change on crop production and exploring approaches to maintain and increase crop productivity into the future.

As TomGEM tackles the issue of designing new strategies to maintain high yields of fruit and vegetables produced at harsh temperature conditions, using the tomato as a reference fleshy fruit crop, TomGEM consortium partners actively contribute to the 2nd Agricultural and Climate Change Conference.

The French partner Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) presents a poster entitled “Effects of elevated temperatures on floral meristem initiation and reproductive organ development in tomato”. In this poster, preliminary results concerning the work performed in TomGEM’s work package 4 dealing with the genetic determinants and mechanisms of flower organ initiation are presented.

In addition, the Italian TomGEM partner institutions Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II and Alma Seges Soc. Coop. present a poster explaining details on the selection of superior genotypes for enhancing tomato tolerance to heat stress conditions clearly demonstrating the close collaboration between scientists and tomato producers in TomGEM.

Further information is available on the conference website:

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