Solanaceae around the World: TomGEM presented at SOL2019 conference

From 15th-19th September 2019 the beautiful city of Jerusalem (Israel) hosted the XVI Solanaceae Conference (SOL 2019) #sol2019. As in the past meetings, SOL 2019 brought together leading scientists, students and plant breeders in a friendly atmosphere for sharing knowledge, expertise and vision of international collaboration.

The meeting explored advances in the breeding and physiology of Solanaceae crops with a focus on health, nutrition and yield. Cutting edge tools for linking genomes and phenotypes were explored and the conference also aimed to develop together a road map for the next International SOL project (SOLII).

Among the leading SOL experts, the TomGEM consortium was widely represented and the project’s results were shown to the audience:

  • TomGEM coordinator Mondher Bouzayen described the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of fruit ripening and the effect of environmental perturbation,
  • Saleh Alseekh and Alisdair Fernie of the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam (Germany) presented the topic “Functional metabolomics in tomato and other species”,
  • Cathie Martin of the John Innes Centre gave a talk on “Improving our health and well‐being with high quality Solanaceous Foods”,
  • Antonio Granell (CSIC-UPV) presented the topic “Breadth, depth, and elasticity of the tomato health and flavour composition space”.
TomGEM coordinator Mondher Bouzayen presenting at the SOL2019 conference.
TomGEM partner Paul Fraser presenting the topic “Carotenoid biosynthesis in Capsicum Annuum; were we right to use tomato as the translatable model”.

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