TomGEM partners in Crete

Both Prof. Mondher Bouzayen (National Institute of Agronomical Research, INRA), project coordinator of TomGEM, and project partner Prof. Cathie Martin (John Innes Centre, JIC) are Keynote speakers at the upcoming 3rd International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe (SHE2016).

The symposium, held in Chania, Greece from 17th-21st October 2016, focuses on the whole interdisciplinary field of horticulture ranging from genomics and breeding to crop quality, ecophysiology and biotechnology.

Cathie will present a keynote entitled: “What plant science can do for human health”. She will focus on the relationship between diet and health and explain how biofortified crops can improve the diet to address global disease.

Mondher’s keynote entitled: “The regulatory networks underlying developmental shifts in fleshy fruit: from fruit setting to fruit ripening”, will focus on the hormonal regulation of fruit set, development and ripening and the genomics underlying the control of fleshy fruit ripening. He will also introduce and present the aims and objectives of TomGEM to the audience and raise awareness of this recently commenced project.

For more information on the conference please see:

3rd International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe (SHE2016)