Science meets Industry

TomGEM Roundtable discussion on May 8, 2018

In the frame of the 2nd TomGEM Progress Meeting taking place in the south of Italy early May 2018, another Roundtable discussion with representatives from tomato producing and breeding companies will be organised on May 8, 2018 in Vico Equense (Naples area, Italy).

This is the second stakeholder session since the start of the project in May 2016. Representatives of the companies Syngenta, Semillas Fitó and Semiorto Sementi participated in the first Roundtable discussion last year in Toulouse. This time, tomato breeders, producers and farmers from the Campania region in Italy as well as other parts of Europe will be joining the event.

The TomGEM stakeholder sessions are an essential part of the holistic and multi-actor approach of the project. In order to translate the scientific insights into practical strategies, the mutual exchange between the academic and private partner institutions of the consortium, as well as with additional external stakeholders is crucial. To maximize the impact of the project and to secure a successful dissemination and exploitation of the project results, a systematic communication strategy including central stakeholder groups is the key.

During the Roundtable discussion future breeding and management strategies as well as breeding of new tomato cultivars to maintain high yields of tomatoes at harsh temperature conditions shall be discussed, promoting innovation and competitiveness along European companies in the tomato sector in times of climate change.

If you are interested to join the event, please contact the TomGEM management.