From the laboratory to the field: Summer School on agricultural challenges in Bordeaux

Following the success of last year, the TomGEM partner institution University of Bordeaux in cooperation with the French National Institute for Agronomy (INRA) jointly organises an international Summer School from 15th - 30th July in Bordeaux.

The summer school entitled “French Agriculture in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: from the laboratory to the field”, introduces students with a scientific background to agriculture challenges based on environmental issues such as climate change and food security.

Participants can expect an exciting 2-week programme including:

  • Classes that cover the main agricultural challenges;
  • Guest lectures on certain aspects of climate change and consequent effects on agriculture;
  • Visits of research laboratories, farms, fish farms, private companies, greenhouse and field experiments, forests, vineyards as well as historical castles.

The summer school is closely related to the TomGEM project as students from Japan, Taiwan, North America and Europe will take the opportunity to conduct lab teaching experiments about high temperature, tomato pollen and fruit development.

The Summer school will not only allow the participants to make lasting connections with students from around the world, but also enable them to gain a deeper understanding of another culture, make lifelong friends from a wide variety of backgrounds and benefit from globally-renowned academic excellence.

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