TomGEM at SIGA Annual Congress in Italy

The TomGEM consortium was represented at the 60th Annual Congress of the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA), held at the University of Catania, Sicily (Italy) from 13th-16th September 2016.

About 170 researchers from Italy and 11 invited speakers from foreign institutes participated and Prof. Amalia Barone and Prof. Luigi Frusciante from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy (UNINA) presented a poster entitled “Screening of tomato landraces for tolerance to heat stress conditions”.

The poster presented the results of work by the TomGEM Italian partner institutions UNINA and ALMA SEGES conducted in TomGEM which screened 80 landraces of tomato for heat tolerance and evaluated various traits (flowering, fruit set, yield) in three experimental fields of Southern Italy.

The screening represented the first characterisation of landraces within the TomGEM project which is aiming to provide innovate breeding and management strategies to develop heat/tolerant tomato varieties with improved yields.

See here for more details on the SIGA Annual Congress.