Strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation

A final paper on a strategic approach to EU agricultural research & innovation has recently been published to present the outcome of the European Conference ‘Designing the path’, which took place in January 2016 in Brussels.

It represents the achievements of an over one year-long process to develop a strategic approach within EU agricultural research and innovation. A plethora of workshops and consultations, with several hundred experts, are incorporated into the paper. The outcomes will guide programming of Horizon 2020 for 2018-2020, and discussions of EU research in the long term.

Five inter-linked priority areas are identified in the paper:

  • resource management (notably soil, water, biodiversity)
  • healthier plants and animals
  • integrated ecological approaches from farm to landscape level
  • new openings for rural growth
  • enhancing the human and social capital in rural area

Research in the coming years will therefore be aligned with these topics and considered by all researchers in the sector.

TRADITOM tackles numerous priority areas: conservation and utilisation of natural biodiversity to generate more resource efficient, healthier plants and therefore promoting rural growth. As such, the final paper provides an important frame of reference for research in the coming years.

For more information and to download the paper, please click here.