Alma Seges honoured with Agriculture and Innovation Award

TomGEM partner Alma Seges has been honoured with the Agriculture and Innovation Award fostered by Legambiente, an important and popular Italian authority for environmental protection.

A plaque will be consigned to the Alma Seges Chairman Aristide Valente on August 13, 2018 at the occassion of the National Legambiente celebration that will take place in Maremma Park, Grosseto, Toscana (Italy).

Legambiente honoured Alma Seges’ contribution as follows:

“We are pleased to give you this award which testifies the value and the commitment of Alma Seges in the high quality food farming production chain, time fostering small farmers and protecting the environment, at the same time. Moreover, we have to pay specific attention to the most valuable work carried out by Alma Seges among the Italian scientific partners of the Horizon 2020 TomGEM project: a strongly innovative plan wich focuses on the screening of different types of tomato which  comply with climate change, high temperatures and different periods of drought”.

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